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Professional Profile:
Segev Rabinoviz

With over 15 years of coaching experience, Segev Rabinoviz is a distinguished soccer expert and the proud owner of Gladiator Soccer Academy. His unwavering commitment to player development sets him apart in the industry. Segev's coaching philosophy centers around empowering youth coaches and helping players excel both on and off the field.

As the host of the highly acclaimed podcast, "Coaching Soccer Weekly," Segev shares invaluable insights, strategies, and insider tips to support fellow coaches in their journey towards success. Through this platform, he aims to build a community where coaches can collaborate, learn, and inspire each other to achieve remarkable results.

Segev Rabinoviz is driven by a deep passion for nurturing young talents and enabling them to stand out in every match. While victory is important, he places a strong emphasis on long-term player development, valuing skill acquisition and mastery over short-term results. Segev believes that by fostering a love for the game and emphasizing the right techniques, players can reach their full potential and make a lasting impact on the field.

At Gladiator Soccer Academy, Segev's coaching approach focuses on deceptive dribbling techniques. By incorporating innovative training methods, players learn to deceive opponents through clever feints, changes of direction, and unpredictable movements, enabling them to gain an edge on the field and create scoring opportunities.

Segev Rabinoviz's coaching style draws inspiration from the strategic and dynamic approach used by top soccer coaches. By infusing elements similar to the coaching philosophies embraced by leading mentors, he helps players develop a deep understanding of the game, enhance their decision-making skills, and maximize their overall performance.

Segev remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of soccer knowledge, constantly exploring new strategies, and adapting to emerging trends. By combining his extensive experience, proven coaching methodologies, and the latest insights from the world of soccer, Segev ensures that players under his guidance receive top-notch training and an unparalleled learning experience.

Gladiator Soccer Academy - Toronto and North York Soccer Club 

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